Blaine Linaweaver
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It's been said that Blaine Linaweaver was born with a rope clenched in his fist.
That's probably a fable. As always, when there is a legend in the making, word goes around.
On March 10, 2001, in San Angelo, Texas, a remarkable thing happened.
If you'd have been sitting in the stands and blinked twice, you might have missed it -
Just 3.5 seconds, in fact. But if you were lucky and your eyes were open,
you saw a stunning display of fine tuned skill, native talent and raw ambition flash,
as Blaine Linaweaver & Jori Levy shattered a record
that had stood in rodeo history for sixteen years.
Blaine became the Team Roping World Record Holder.

It seems somehow incomprehensible that two people,
two horses and a reluctant steer could coordinate an
entire run, in that brief tick of time. But it happened.

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